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8/20/23-Queen Song not woke?

Source: 'Woke gone mad': Fat Bottomed Girls dropped from Queen's new Greatest Hits collection 'Fat Bottomed Girls' has been dropped from Queen's new Greatest Hits collection. The 1978 song, written by guitarist Brian May, celebrates a young man's appreciation for fuller-figured women but appears to be the latest victim of cancel culture. The track - which features lyrics such as 'fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go […]

todayAugust 20, 2023


6/6/23-Bohemian Rhapsody was Mongolian Originally?!

Trusted Source: (CNN) Never-before-seen draft lyrics of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” suggest that Freddie Mercury considered giving his mock-opera anthem a somewhat different title: “Mongolian Rhapsody.” The discovery was made following the emergence of a 15-page folio of lyrics, vocal lines and harmonies handwritten by the singer as he composed his 1975 hit. Near the top of an introductory page, Mercury appears to have crossed out the word “Mongolian” before replacing […]

todayJune 6, 2023


4/26/23-Freddie Mercury Auction

Written by Amarachi Orie, CNN Around 1,500 items that once belonged to the late British rock star Freddie Mercury are going up for auction, including never-before-seen handwritten draft lyrics to "We Are the Champions," one of the band Queen's most famous songs. The objects are being offered for sale by Mary Austin, a close friend of Mercury, who inherited his estate. In addition to draft song lyrics. the items in […]

todayApril 26, 2023


2/4/23-Queen used to be mad at singing fans!

Source:   Queen used to get "irritated" by crowds singing every lyric to their songs. Guitarist Brian May has admitted they were annoyed because they wanted their fans to listen to the amazing lyrics they had spent hours penning. Speaking to Total Guitar magazine, Brian explained: "Because we thought: 'People, just listen. We're working really hard, so bloody well listen!' But they were unstoppable. "And this particular night, they […]

todayFebruary 4, 2023


10/13/22-New Queen Track with Freddie Mercury!

Sources CNN and London Reuters Queen released a rediscovered song featuring Freddie Mercury on Thursday, the band’s first new track with the late frontman’s instantly recognizable vocals to come out in more than eight years. Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor first told fans about the existence of “Face It Alone” during an interview in the summer. The track was originally recorded in the late 1980s during sessions for […]

todayOctober 13, 2022


6/7/22-New Freddie Mercury/Queen track!

Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May have unearthed a previously unreleased song featuring Freddie Mercury. In an interview with Zoe Ball for BBC Radio 2 on Monday, the musicians announced that the as-yet-unheard track will arrive later this year. “We did find a little gem from Freddie that we’d kind of forgotten about,” Roger said of the song. “And it’s wonderful. Actually, it was a real discovery.” He added, “It’s […]

todayJune 7, 2022


5/11/22-Brian May on Freddie Mercury

Source: Brian May was left traumatized hearing the late Freddie Mercury's vocals after the Queen frontman's death. The iconic rock group's guitarist has recalled how painful it was listening to Freddie - who died from bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS in November 1991 aged 45 - singing on the recordings he worked on for the 'We Will Rock You' hitmakers' first and only LP released following the music icon's […]

todayMay 11, 2022


11/26/21-Queen’s Brian May: cancel culture

Source: Brian May thinks Queen would need to be more diverse in today's politically correct world. The 'Bohemian Rhapsody' guitarist was part of the iconic rock group with Roger Taylor, John Deacon and late frontman Freddie Mercury, who was openly gay and born in Zanzibar. Speaking at the ITV Palooza in London, he said: "I am sure if Queen started now, we would be forced to have people of […]

todayNovember 26, 2021


2/24/21-George Michael & Queen?

Source: Roger Taylor: 'George Michael would not have been a good fit for Queen' Queen star Roger Taylor has shot down long-standing rumors suggesting George Michael turned down the job as the band's new frontman following Freddie Mercury's death, insisting he was never offered the role. The late Careless Whisper singer fronted the group for three songs during the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in London, but the gig […]

todayFebruary 24, 2021