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Are you savvy enough to reach new customers via internet radio? “The Lost 45s with Barry Scott” is the longest running internet radio show, having started at in 1995! The terrestrial radio show has been reaching a large and very loyal following since its inception in ’81 and in syndication since ’93. With a CD series, books, a daily syndicated feature featuring over 950 exclusive artist interviews, “The Lost 45s” is one of radio’s most well-known national Classic Hits brands!

“The Lost 45s” is appointment listening for a fiercely loyal audience! Our listeners are 56% male and 44% female within the 29-64 primary demographic (although listening generationally, by parents and their kids, is quite common with this unusual program). The web site has an average of 300,000 monthly hits, a number which increases every week! We are in over 40 markets at this time via daily drive-time features and a weekly long form show!

Our ubiquitous presence on social sites like facebook, twitter, linked-in and myspace enables us to easily help spread the word. Most importantly, there is no radio show like “The Lost 45s” Because of this, listeners are very loyal to advertisers and client success stories are common!

It is time for you to give this medium a try. We are very cost effective and you’ll be surprised how cheaply your product or service can reach a very loyal adult demographic! We offer banner ads, coupons and audio ads (including our own in-house commercial production department) and will do everything it takes to make you happy! There are no long-term commitments and you can cancel anytime if you feel the ads are not working beyond your wildest expectations!

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