DJ Services: Clubs, Assisted Living!




New England Area DJ Services:


Hire Barry Scott from “The Lost 45s” for his legendary 70s & 80s retro club work! For decades, Barry has packed dance floors at area clubs like Zanzibar, Jukebox, Roxy, Polly Esthers, Avalon, Stars, Club Cafe as well as many other events & boat cruises. He knows exactly what to play to make a crowd go wild!


**Barry’s also booking 1-hour music & trivia sessions for Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities! Residents get their own personal DJ to take era requests & do trivia. His database contains all the original top tunes (1930s-2000s) as well as TV show themes/vintage commercials which spark memories. It’s amazing how these records break through (not someone else singing them, playing guitar or piano) as if they were listening to radio from their youth! We also work on memory recall through trivia, constantly surprised they answer every question as their minds become alert. Let him know if you’d like to schedule or discuss:


For further information and to check on availability, please send us an email: [email protected] !