12/14/23-Songwriter Richard Kerr died (“Mandy”)

todayDecember 14, 2023



Richard Kerr was a singer and songwriter who collaborated with Barry Manilow on such hit songs as “Mandy,” “Somewhere in the Night,” and “Looks Like We Made It,” as well as Dionne Warwick on “I’ll Never Love This Way Again.” .

Kerr found his love for music while attending Bedford School in England, with a focus on songwriting. He often collaborated with others, including English folk singer Don Partridge, Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green, and songwriter Scott English. Kerr and English co-wrote the song “Brandy” in 1971, which became the hit “Mandy” for Barry Manilow in 1974.

Kerr often collaborated with lyricist Will Jennings, and the pair wrote a string of big hits for other artists, especially Manilow. They include Manilow’s “Looks Like We Made It,” “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” for Dionne Warwick, and “Somewhere in the Night” for Helen Reddy (1941–2020). Kerr also wrote and released a number of solo albums, showcasing his own talents as a singer and performer.

All told, Kerr’s songs garnered multiple Grammy Award nominations, over a dozen BMI Awards, and over 40 million records sold. His work has been recorded by such artists as Roy Orbison (1936–1988), Bonnie Raitt, John Denver (1943–1997), Kenny Rogers (1938–2020), Frankie Valli, Gladys Knight, the Righteous Brothers, and many others.

Written by: Barry Scott