10/29/23-Cher never liked her voice!

todayOctober 29, 2023




Cher has admitted that she “never liked” her voice “that much”.

The music icon has revealed that she has never been that keen on her own singing voice.

“I’m not a Cher fan, but I like doing it,” the 77-year-old said in a new interview with Paper Magazine.

“I just never liked my voice that much. If I had my choice, I probably would have another one, but I didn’t get my choice. I got my mother’s voice,” the Believe singer continued.

Cher then noted that she thinks she has a “strange style” of singing.

“It doesn’t sound like a man, it doesn’t sound like a woman. I’m somewhere more in-between,” she said. “I have this strange style.”

The pop singer went on to explain, “I do what you do when you can’t hold a note: I don’t pronounce my Rs. I guess some consonants are hard to sing, so I just gotta leave them open.”

Cher, who has released 27 studio albums during her long-running career, then added that the records that became hits sometimes weren’t her favourites.

“I’ve made so many albums, and some of the ones I thought were as good as I could like an album of mine weren’t hits,” the Grammy Award winner stated. “And then other ones that I was not that excited about (were).”

Cher recently released her first holiday album, aptly titled Christmas.

“I like this album,” she told the publication. “When I listen to it, I think this worked out. It wasn’t planned out, but it worked out.”

Written by: Barry Scott