3/17/22-Annie Lennox on R&R Hall

todayMarch 17, 2022




Annie Lennox has said that Eurythmics have done ‘everything it takes to survive’ in the music industry.

The 67-year-old singer shot to fame alongside Dave Stewart as part of the 1980s pop duo and the pair recently received their second nomination for induction into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, something which Annie thinks requires “survival.”

She told Billboard: “Dave and I have a long history. We’ve pretty much done everything it takes to survive in the industry of music, just like all the artists who’ve been nominated for the Hall of Fame. We each have our individual pathway and our own unique life stories, through music making, recording and performance.”

During their career, Eurythmics achieved global acclaim with the song ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’, sold an estimated 75 million records worldwide and in 1999 were honoured with a BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music.

Annie went on to gush about their Rock Hall nomination, which – if selected for induction – could see them honored alongside existing members such as The Beatles and Madonna – , saying that the consideration was “lovely” and claimed that “passion” had been the driving force between their success.

She said: “We were both passionate about being creative above anything else. It’s lovely to be nominated and to be seen as a contributor to the ever-changing cultural zeitgeist. Thanks must go to everyone we ever worked with and all the peeps who have loved our music.”

The duo have been nominated alongside fellow rockers Duran Duran who joked that – after country star Dolly Parton rejected her nomination because she felt she “did not deserve the honor” – they should also drop out of the running to give them a better chance.

They said: “We’ve like to thank Dolly (Parton) for dropping out. And if Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox could do the same, that would be good too!”

Written by: Barry Scott