6/23/21-Mick Fleetwood on Lindsey

todayJune 23, 2021





Mick Fleetwood wants to get back on stage with Lindsey Buckingham before they “knock it all on the head”.

The 73-year-old music icon – who co-founded Fleetwood Mac – has admitted despite firing Lindsey three years ago, he hopes they can “make music” again after reconciling earlier this year.

Speaking to Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt on the ‘Rockonteurs’ podcast, he said: “The thought of walking on stage and Lindsey being part of that would be very healing.

“That’s not saying goodbye to Mike or Neil, we don’t behave like that, but something connective.

“I believe that me and Lindsey will make some music together like he did with Christine, and I would love that, no matter what unbridged feels there are that aren’t healed for all their own personal reasons.

“I would hope to be the instigator of making all that happen before we knock it all on the head.”

Mick’s comments come after he revealed earlier this year he has reconciled with his former bandmate, who was fired by the band in 2018 when Mick insisted the guitarist would never be allowed to rejoin the band.

Admitting the pair had put the past behind them, Mick said: “I’ve really enjoyed being re-connected with Lindsey, which has been gracious and open. And both of us have been beautifully honest about who we are and how we got to where we were.”

Meanwhile, now Mick has also paid tribute to co-founder Peter Green as he opened up on the origins of the band’s name.

He said: “It was Peter’s band, he could have called the band whatever he liked, the Gunslingers or whatever, he was such a presence it didn’t matter what it was called.”

He added: “We played together in a studio Decca had given us, it was just me, John (McVie) and Peter.

“We played three tracks, one was an instrumental and they said what are you going to call it, and Peter said ‘… we’ll call it Fleetwood Mac because John and Mick are in her’.

“It was just a rough thing to put on the tape box and that’s how the name came about.”

Written by: Barry Scott