11/6/19-New George Michael cut

todayNovember 6, 2019


Fans of George Michael have praised the late star’s upbeat new track This Is How (We Want You To Get High), after it premiered on Wednesday.
The new tune is the first to be released since the former Wham! singer passed away on Christmas Day in 2016, and will feature in the upcoming festive flick Last Christmas, which is based on the star’s music.
Before he died, Michael started work on a new album in 2012, the first song to be released from those sessions debuted on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 breakfast show in the U.K. on Wednesday morning, with the DJ admitting the song had “made (her) really emotional” and describing it as “absolutely beautiful”.
Fans were quick to gush over the track on social media, praising the “upbeat” single as “a great dance track” that made them feel “like he’s still with us”, while adding it felt “bittersweet” to hear Michael’s new material.
“OMG just listened to the new George Michael song on @BBCRadio2breakfast with @ZoeTheBall … How Absolutely Amazing did he sound! Incredible voice and very much missed,” wrote one fan, while another added, “Excited to have a new #GeorgeMichael song out! It’s a great dance track. Just miss him so much.”
Another devotee commented: “So good to hear his voice on something new, I miss him.”
Ahead of the release, the musician’s family said in a statement that they hope his fans will “rejoice in hearing this great new song” which was written with “immense passion and pride.”
They added: “This new track we proudly send as his gift to you this season to bring you all love and festive joy.”
Last Christmas debuts in theaters on 15 November.

Written by: Barry Scott