10/3/19-Wham's Andrew Ridgeley

todayOctober 3, 2019


Andrew Ridgeley thinks a biopic about Wham! would be ‘marvelous.’
The 56-year-old singer has written about his rise to stardom alongside his late school friend George Michael – who died in December 2016 – in new book ‘Wham! George and Me’ and has his “fingers crossed” that it will be picked up and adapted for the big screen.
Speaking on BBC Radio 2, he said: “It would make a fantastic film, I’m sure.
“It’s a story that lends itself to the big screen and it would be marvelous if that were able to happen. Fingers crossed.”
Later this year, fans will get to hear George’s music in a new movie, with romantic comedy ‘Last Christmas’ – which stars Emilia Clarke as an aspiring singer who idolizes the ‘Careless Whisper’ hit maker – featuring Wham!’s festive hit single of the same name, as well as a previously-unheard song by the late pop star.
Ridgely recently spoke about how much he “misses” his “great friend”, who he met at school and formed Wham! with in 1981.
Andrew admits his grief will never fully go away but he felt “honored” and “privileged” to be able to pay tribute to his childhood friend during the 2017 BRIT Awards, alongside their backing singers Pepsi and Shirlie, because there hadn’t been a “public expression of grief” until that moment.
He said: “At times I miss him, anyone would of a great friend. But it was a real privilege to be able to give tribute to him at that time and place. There hadn’t really been a public expression of grief so it was really important, it was the perfect context in which to do so. It was a great honor to do that and personally for me, it was something that I really had to do and it will live as an enduring memory.”

Written by: Barry Scott