1/27/19-Annie Lennox speaks

todayJanuary 27, 2019


Annie Lennox has urged people to be feminists in order to try and dent “the glass ceiling”.
Writing a list of her 10 golden rules for Porter magazine, Eurythmics singer Annie put forward a case outlining why it’s so important to fight for women’s rights.
“Be a feminist,” was her number six rule. “If we have any hope of denting the glass ceiling, we have to make the advancements of girls and women part of the global agenda.”
She followed with: “Take action. We live in a volatile world: I do hope to see transformative change but many of us are sleepwalking towards oblivion.”
The other rules Annie lives by include knowing what advice to discard and what to use, understanding different forms of love, and respecting people’s right to faith.
She also shared that people should be “beware of celebrity”.
“I used to believe people became famous because they had a gift. Now I know much of it is about branding and selling,” the 64-year-old sighed.
Honesty is highly important to her too.
“We think we know who people are but, often, what we see is a mask – one we created in our formative years and wear throughout our lives,” said Annie.
Her final three rules call for people to master their own style, live life with kindness and “visit the problem”. “I’ve been an HIV/AIDS campaigner for years, but I truly woke up to the depth of the crisis after travelling to developing countries and witnessing it at all levels,” the star concluded.

Written by: Barry Scott