10/11/17-Bananarama Returns

todayOctober 11, 2017


The original stars of Bananarama are more than a little nervous about their 2017 reunion dates, because the trio has never performed live together before.
Siobhan Fahey recently rejoined Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin for a reunion, almost 30 years after she left the U.K. trio to start a new life in America, and she’s yet to actually hit the stage for a live set with her old pals.
“We’ve never actually performed live with Siobhan,” Woodward tells blogger Perez Hilton, revealing Siobhan is keen to tackle Cruel Summer, because she hears the track all the time in Los Angeles.
“Siobhan says she often hears it when she’s buying her groceries in the supermarket!”
The girls are currently rehearsing in London, ahead of a series of U.K. and Keren says, “We’re all getting really excited. We’ve chosen our set list now, which includes most of our hits and some fan favorites. The whole show is one big party.
“The idea of the three of us touring together first came about after a kitchen disco at Siobhan’s house, so we’ve been telling people our show is the kitchen disco come to life!”
She adds, “The three of us have met up several times over the last few years – in fact, we all went out dancing with our kids in Los Angeles a couple of years ago! When we called Siobhan just before Christmas last year to ask her how she’d feel about coming back to playing some shows with us she was actually quite speechless… She has shed an odd tear.”
And Keren insists the trio has remained friends over the years: “We were all friends who formed a band. We weren’t auditioned or put together by a record label, management company or TV show. When you’re in a band it’s a 24/7 thing. If you don’t get on or like each other things will fall apart very quickly, which is what it seems happened with Fifth Harmony.
“When Siobhan left, we never fell out or had a huge argument. She just wanted to move to America and do something different.”
Fahey went on to form Shakespears Sister with Marcella Detroit.

Written by: Barry Scott