Update: I'm almost done writing the book. Provincetown paid us off to stop the civil trial. If we hadn't been facing a possible 5 year appeal when we won this case (the obvious result), we would not have accepted such an offer; but we had enough of the broken American judicial system. We took the money and ran. Sadly, that town's police department continues its criminal ways in 2013, including the two bad cops involved in our case. Their long-time enabling Town Manager, Sharon Lynn, has been booted (to do evil in another gay mecca, Rehoboth Beach, DE) and one of her last acts was to finally fire the police chief she protected (see articles at bottom of page). Through many obstacles, including Martha Coakley: Fraud Attorney General, we tried to do the right thing. Thanks for your support over the years! Bay Windows: We Win!

The Provincetown, MA police lied to cover brutality. I was arrested, handcuffed and beaten by armed teenage summer cops for saying something in a private backyard, which wasn't even said. Each time a cop lies under oath, they become criminals. I paid $690 in charges (it was justice like "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"), but spent tens of thousands to clear my name, protect others and honor the Constitution. My charge was finally overturned by the State Appeals Court. It's a basic First Amendment freedom of speech issue the town long ago forgot; even their 'civil rights officer' Carrie Lopes saw no problem with this incident. I had to fight this travesty, because it could happen to you or a loved one. You can speak in your backyard, be beaten and arrested, because the police don't like what they decide they hear. This community didn't think enough of themselves to care. --Barry Scott

2011 Update: State Appeals Court overturns charge against Barry Scott!

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Barry Scott's nose 8 hours after injury as no mug shot was taken by nervous police. Barry Scott's swollen face days later. One of many bruises from kicks to Barry's legs by steel police boots.

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>Many hate crimes have occurred in Provincetown, Massachusetts. In one of the most well-known cases, a handcuffed Barry Scott of "The Lost 45s" was smashed face first into a house and kicked repeatedly while not resisting arrest for a noise by-law, upon FIRST meeting Provincetown police and responding to their demand to shut down a small backyard gathering at 10:20pm on a Saturday in July. The police report 'his head inadvertently came in contact with a window frame'--which is laughable. Controversial District Attorney Michael O'Keefe did his own 'internal investigation' relying solely on police reports and found no wrong doing! The "blue shield"--police lying to protect each other--went up immediately.

Police state Barry said "We hate the police" in a private backyard (in a town where 'faggot' was deemed appropriate in another case listed below). Horrified witnesses heard no such thing, they say he wasn't resisting arrest and was asking teen-age summer cops Anthony Bova and Michael Barone not to hurt his 5'4" 130 lb frame. Barry's closing announcement was described by all witnesses as calm and non-provocative. Never in trouble with the law at age 44, they did not take a mug shot; because the photo would have shown their brutality. To cover their actions, the Provincetown police pressed frivolous charges against Mr. Scott. His arresting offense was later overturned by the State Appeals Court as a violation of the basic First Amendment right to free speech.

Scott's partner, Bryan Richardson, walking with a cane from a back injury, was thrown onto a cruiser and injured during his incarceration when he asked the police what they were doing to Barry. No charges were filed against him; he was a witness forcibly removed from a private backyard. They refused breathalyzer requests, as he was not drunk. He soiled his pants lying on a jail floor for hours, unable to move from a back spasm, while Provincetown police laughed. Many people have a difficult time believing a gay Mecca such as Provincetown has hate-filled police; but the untrained summer cops (who were not mentored) and the full-timers don't always get along with tourists.

The Police Chief stepped down and the town asked for training on hate crimes, but the charges against Barry Scott remained. The police refused to release employment records although it is known they were involved in many violent and unlawful arrests. While there are many good officers, these Provincetown police are criminals who tarnish the badges of all good cops. The only complainant was identified originally by wrong name, address and social security number. Her calls came between 6 and 10 on a Saturday night in July. The town has a 50 foot noise by-law; no decibel reader, so noise can't be measured. This gathering was never loud. Multiple parties were occurring at the same time and in fact, this was not the one in question. The one complainant later broke down at her deposition and said if she knew two people would be hurt, she never would have called her own police department!

A trial was held in Orleans July 23rd, 2008, where well-known "Judge" Brian Merrick suddenly appeared after 15 court visits. Merrick represented the police union as a lawyer. Merrick allowed testimony that miraculously appeared 3 DAYS before trial from two town EMTs, despite a year of requests for all witness information. They said Barry told them he got his injuries by 'resisting arrest.' Merrick told the jury these were small misdemeanor charges--allowing nothing about the brutality (including pictures)--leading them to pay little attention and decide on a verdict in less than 15 minutes. Brian Merrick should be thrown off the bench.

Flamboyant hairdresser Ed Foley, homeowner of 4 Holway Ave./Provincetown, said all of his previous statements (in newspapers and e-mails) that Scott was injured by police while not resisting, were wrong. Reporters were disgusted as the Judge refused to allow any statements Ed Foley made to be read to the Jury. As the homeowner, Ed Foley could have asked the music be shut anytime. Foley refused to do so, even after receiving a ticket during the second police response. Scott didn't even see the police until their final visit, he was simply the paid DJ that night. Each Ed Foley name contains some of the statements he made which he later lied about under oath in court.

Problems with the Jury were made public, showing their decision was not unanimous and they talked illegally with an alternate! The Judge did not investigate this misconduct, refusing to question jurors. Merrick's reputation as someone brought in to ensure a case goes the way a District Attorney wants, is obvious. The Provincetown Town Manager, dismissed Police Chief, newly hired Chief (now suspended as well) and the entire police squad were present at the trial, for misdemeanor charges--obviously knowing the ramifications. Scott was found guilty and ordered to pay $690. At his last Cape Cod hearing in October 2009, a Quincy police officer said Scott didn't resist arrest, but the 'Judge' didn't care. Scott rightly brought this case all the way to the State Appeals Court, off the "Dukes of Hazzard" lawlessness of Cape Cod; where his arrestable charge was finally overturned in February 2011.

Says Scott: "A town that allows its police, EMTs and residents to lie under oath in a court of law, is a town with no soul. The gay community does not want to believe anything bad could happen in their town; but it does often, according to numerous workers at the Orleans Court."

Other recent Provincetown hate crimes include racial incidents; the beating of two women. July 4th weekend, 18 people were taken off the streets and held without charges; Provincetown cops have been doing this illegally for years. July 25th a man was beaten by 3 local kids and left in an alley with a broken nose. They called him 'faggot.' These incidents were buried by the gay press who don't want to upset a town that brings them ad dollars! Other victims Richard Hall: beaten and left unconscious; Daniel Coburn had rocks thrown at him and was called 'faggot.' When reported to the P-town police, they arrested him for an outstanding vehicle ticket. They later said the use of the word 'faggot' was protected as free speech! Numerous other incidents have come to light where the victims are too nervous to report it or want to remain private. Artist David Jones, beaten by Provincetown cops and arrested, pled to cover-up charges because of what he'd seen happen in that town. He was afraid and later killed himself. Two others had bikes thrown at them during an AIDS ride. Many incidents have occurred in 2013, some details are in the news articles below. A worldwide travel warning has been issued for Provincetown, MA.

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